Sale - And - Leaseback

Besides factory for rent in Vietnam, BW also elaborates sale-and-leaseback service. This asset-light business model allows investors to free up cash flow and focus on their main business. In practice, it lets them sell an asset (i.e. existing industrial factory / warehouse) and lease it back from BW. We typically seek FMCG, Blue Chip multi-national companies and logistics warehouse operators, but welcome clients of all industries.

Sale-and-leaseback creates opportunities for Investors / businesses to have flexibility in their cash flow from their assets related to industrial factory and redeploy capital.

The deals of industrial factory for rent are potential opportunities to limit market price risks and reallocate financial resources, while ensuring the maximum benefit from long-term lease contracts. Most transactions of Sale-and-leaseback industrial factory sell at a higher value than similar non-sale-leaseback deals.

BW will conduct an analysis of the unique goals of each customer, then develop an elaborate plan to maximize the benefits of investors. Our process aims to optimize asset value and favorable rental terms to meet the needs of clients.